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Quarry screens

Screening is our Passion and we understand that screen selection is critical to any screening operation we will work hard to make sure we find the best screening solution for you.

The Smallest Small changes to screen selection can have a massive impact on how well your screening plant performs.

Symphony Wire has developed a large range of special products to assist with the following screening concerns: blinding, blocking, pegging, self-cleaning, throughput, productivity, accuracy. We will help you select the best screen cloth for your needs.

We specialise in the supply of all quarry screen cloth surfaces and accessories for Mobile Screening Plants, Fixed Screening Plants and Trommel Screening Plants, including:

•Woven Wire Mesh

(Square mesh, long slot mesh,)

• Harp/Piano Screens (Piano Wires, Speed Harps)

• Cross Harps screens

• Vari slot- Short slot Harp Screens

• Diamond Harps- (Self cleaning Screens)

• Poly Tensions Mats

• Mega Harps

• Polyurethane Mesh

• Wedge Wire

• Perforated/Punch Plate

• Wedge Tensioners

• Capping Rubber

• Side Clamps

• Chute liners

• Conveyor Rollers

Diamon Harp.JPG Flexi Mesh.JPG untitled.png
Diamond Harp Flexi Mesh- Polyurethane wire mesh Woven Wire Mesh

We aim to get you producing the best product with maximum productivity!

Call Us today to discuss your screening requirments.

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PH: (02) 4933 3148
Fax: (02) 4936 6311